Commercial, Residential and Municipal Junk Removal Service in Portland, Oregon

Junk Removal & Hauling Service – Residential

There are several situations in which you might be in need of a residential hauling service. Natural disasters can happen which can cause a mess in your home, or you could simply just have someone who rented your basement move out that completely trashed the place. No matter what the situation is, Junk Away Hauling has got you covered when it comes to hauling away debris, junk, or messes that you just don’t want to have to clean up yourself.

Junk Away Hauling has been serving the residents of the Portland, Oregon area for years and has encountered many different residential hauling situations and jobs. We are the experts when it comes to hauling away junk from your house and will leave your home in a much better condition than we found it in. Our hauling technicians are friendly and honest individuals whom you can trust to have in your home to remove the clutter and junk that is hampering your residence. Here at Junk Away hauling, we value your business and will make sure that your home is spick and span and also junk free when we finish the job.

So if you are in need of residential hauling and/or removal, call now for a free no obligation Estimate 1-503-517-9027