Get to know Junk Away Hauling

In 2001 Joe Doud (AKA – Junkin Joe) and Rex Hollingsworth set out together with over 40 years in waste management experience to develop a junk hauling service that would rival all others. In no time the two initial founders of Junk Away Hauling had taken a large share of the commercial junk hauling for the Portland Metropolitan Area. They are a trusted brand, and that gives back to the community. Junk Away Hauling donates all of the good condition junk it hauls to organizations such as the Salvation Army.

Fast forward to 2016, and Junk Away is owned and operated by Joe Doud and Shane Hollingsworth.  Shane is the man behind the scene managing the day to day logistics, while Joe is out in the field making it happen. Now serving residential, commercial, industrial and municipal organizations throughout the Northwest.