Eviction Cleanup Portland

Eviction cleanupAs a landlord or property owner, it is sometimes necessary to evict someone out of the property because of missed rent or other reasons. Whenever you evict someone, the risk is always there that they may trash the place and leave all of their unwanted items in your rental or property. These types of messes and junk can be a hassle for anyone to think about cleaning, but don’t give it anymore thought because here at Junk Away Hauling, we have been cleaning up eviction situations in the Portland, Oregon are for years!

Here at Junk Away Hauling, we are the experts when it comes to cleaning up a rental or property after an eviction. Not only will be haul out all of the left items and junk, but we will also completely clean and gut out the rental or property so that it is perfectly clean to be rented out to your next tenants. Our eviction hauling services are top notch and can give you a lot of peace of mind knowing that after we are done, your property or rental will be ready for business once again without skipping a beat.

If you need someone to clean and haul junk away after you have evicted a tenant, call us here at Junk Away Hauling as we can meet any eviction hauling need.