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Bed Bug Removal

No one wants to have pests living in their home, let alone in their beds. Getting a good night’s rest can be crucial in your day to day performance. Having to deal with other creatures sharing your bed with you can take a real toll on your sleeping habits. Bed bugs may not be poisonous but they can be quite a nuisance when you are trying to get a good night’s rest.

Instead of dreading going to bed each night, take control of your life and get rid of these little buggers with the help of Junk Away Hauling – Leading Oregon in junk removal and hauling for over a decade. We know the secrets to getting rid of these pests and removing them correctly. Our workers have been trained in proper extermination techniques and we will make sure that they are completely eliminated. We can have you getting a full night’s rest again in no time.

Once we are done removing the bed bugs, we will even take it on ourselves to clean up the mess and load it up for hauling purposes. We are the most experienced in the business and we will treat you right.

So if you live in the Portland, Oregon area and are having problems sleeping at night because of bed bugs, give Junk Away Hauling a call and let us serve you.

We are your go-to bed bug removal professionals in the Portland Metropolitan Area. Our team have cleaned millions of bed bugs out of homes, apartments and other living spaces and are highly trained in bed bug removal.